I’m a linguist associated with the Linguistics Lab in Nantes (Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes, UMR 6310). My research focuses primarily on language acquisition at the syntax/semantics interface.

My recent projects included children’s understanding of logical expressions (i.e. disjunction, negation) and their interaction (see also joint work with Elena Pagliarini, Maria Teresa Guasti, Angeliek van Hout and Stephen Crain), the interpretation of disjunction in downward entailing contexts in adult grammars (joint work with Anamaria Falaus and Francesca Panzeri).

I have also worked on the temporal interpretations of DPs in European Portuguese child language, and on the processing of (Pseudo-)Relatives (joint work with Nino Grillo). My Ph.D dissertation, completed at the University of Nantes, investigated the acquisition of tenses in subordinate clauses in French child grammar.

Contact information:

Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes
Chemin de la Censive du Tertre, BP 81227
44312 Nantes Cedex 3, France

Email: oana.lungu(at)univ-nantes.fr