Articles in Journals and Refereed Volumes

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Conference Proceedings

  • A. van Hout, M. Arche, H. Demirdache, I. García del Real, A. García Sanz, A. Gavarró, L. Gomez Marzo, L. Hommes, N. Kazanina, J. Liu, O. Lungu, F. Martin and  I. Strangmann. (2017). Agent control and the acquisition of event culmination in Basque, Dutch, English, Spanish and Mandarin, in M. LaMendola & J. Scott (eds.), Proceedings of the 41st Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 41), 323–332. Somerville, MA : Cascadilla Press. ISBN 978-1-57473-076-0.
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Edited volume 

  • Choi, J., H. Demirdache,  O. Lungu and L. Voeltzel. (2017).  Language Acquisition at the Interfaces: Proceedings of GALA 2015. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


  • Lungu, O. (ms). The Embedded Present in Romanian: An Issue of (Non)commitment.